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I was doing research before I had surgery on my neck, I wanted to avoid fusion if at all possible. I visited several sites on laser and Dr Deuk was the closest so I went to the Orlando office.

Lets say they told me on the phone they took my insurance, and to come in for a Free consult. he bad mouthed my Dr. Then he told me the cost would be $40,000 upfront and he could give me a loan with a high percent, he stated people fly in from all over the world for his service and 40k was nothing compared to how he could fix me. I could not afford that kind of loan and walked out shocked how it went from covered to well give you a loan.

I ended up having a fusion as this was the only way to fix my problem, though Laser spine institute would take my insurance after a small deductable, this was not an option. A year and a half later Dr Deuk sends me a bill for the consult, for almost $400 threatening to send it to collection if I dont pay.

He is a Liar! Do not trust this Man!!

Review about: Deuk Spine Institute Surgery.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #611046

Duek Spine Institue treats you like your are an ATM. You don't get to see "a" doctor ever.

You get to see Dr. Patel's interns and they go and tell him what you say. My files were a constant mess, one appointment a nurse asked me how my heart condition was doing. I didn't have a heart condidtion.

In six months they led me from pain management to I needed major surgery and of course my insurance didn't cover it.

50,000 was cost if I wanted to improve my qualitiy of life so they said. Run, tell you friends to run, this place is bad for your health and your wallet.


i go to duek spine often they are good BUT yes watch thier billing carefully


if your neck or bad is real bad,, disc 50% into the spinal cord , He can not fix the problem, you need a fusion, which I had to prevent spinal damage,

surgery was fine with a neurosurgeon, my complaint is Dr Deuk trying to charge me 16 mo later when he did NOTHING for me,


I have a similar story as yours. The only addition would be that he said if I didn't have surgery I risked paralysis. Since, I didn't have $40,000 I had to go with the fusion

to DeukPatient #744379

I also had a very similar experience. At first this man seemed to be caring but as soon as he found out my insurance company denied my procedure his whole demeanor had changed.

He also pushed his $40,000 cash surgery, and when I told him I cannot afford it I was treated horribly. I honestly believe in my opinion, he does not fight for you when it comes to the insurance company to plead your case so that the insurance company covers your surgery.

I'm wondering if this man has been investigated, it seems like he's more interested in his cash than getting procedures covered by insurance companies. I will never refer anyone I know to this place

to Me #744421

FYI: For those of you that need spinal fusion, as myself I need triple spinal fusion. I found out on my own to the Internet that there is a specific MRI that can diagnose spinal instability which apparently my other MRIs did not show.

It is a flexion and extension MRI. I had asked Dr. Duke to refer me to have one done to prove my case to the insurance company. This was very simple however I was told by Dr.

Duke that he was not going to send me for the flexion and extension MRI that he could already see my spinal instability through the other ones. He pretty much flat out refused and then said there was nothing he could do for me. My primary care physician came through for me and sent me for the specific flexion and extension MRI.

This was the information needed by my insurance company. It was that simple, so I don't understand how a neurosurgeon couldn't accomplish such an easy task.

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