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I am a current Dr Deuk patient. I also see several of his fellows for various things like pain management and, now, upcoming facets and rhizotomy.

Here's the issue I take. I already had one fusion done to a disc that was in about as bad shape as my others that are messed up are. It worked. I did not want to do this all over again with the facets/rhizotomy - IVE ALREADY HAD THEM DONE ELSEWHERE OVER A YEAR AGO.

They did NOTHING. But noOoOoOOo, gotta pad that pocket. I guarantee this results in surgery in the end, meantime I suffer while I wait to play ring around the rosie with a zillion practitioners in his office and a zillion tests/shots/procedures. Also some other staff behavior is very worrisome.

Almost TOO eager to please - almost as if this was a business only, and not a doctor heading an institute that truly gave a ***. I also find all the "Oh thank you Dr Deuk/Patel/Whoever notes framed on the wall disconcerting. Are they real? I noticed one was photocopied and then I was moved to the next room where the original hung.

Seriously? Are we this full of ourselves? Gross...

I think I need a second opinion. I am not a happy man right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Deuk Spine Institute Surgery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Facility, Quality.

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Had laser surgery never got out of pain- saw Dr. Deuk a few weeks after he wanted to do more surgery after getting 32,000 dollars for his f---ed up laser.

Place should be shut down by the state. This guy is in it for one thing only.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Stay far away from this practice. This Dr and his staff are rude arrogant people.

They are in it for the money. They will bill/charge patients for erronyonous charges and pocket the money when it needs to be returned to the insurance company or to the patient. Trying to get a refund for an overpayment is like pulling teeth.

They won't release medical records without a fight either. I hope people are reporting them for insurance fraud and blowing the whistle on this corrupt practice.

Ventura, California, United States #1255302

Get the *** out of there!!! Been going for years tons of injections ablasions, last year thesis called "Deuk Laser disk" procedure and that only cost me $30,000.00 now left crippled, no savings and now having a fusion Jan 6 only 14 months after the laser.

Was told it was my fault for having bad genes and he could do a 5 level fusion for only $10,000!

And now I'm reporting them for 45 counts of insurance fraud they falsely filed claims that my insurance paid for! Every insurance company is dropping them one by one!!!

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1232427

I am a former patient of Dr Deukmedjian and Patel. Run as far as you can from this place.

I had issues with billing and required deposits. His facility is all about the $$$$! I had run-ins with his rude staff when it came to billing. It's the same story with every patient.

Making money with injections that do not work. Constantly defending negative feedback by saying surgery is their last resort. How do you think his place stays in business? Definitely not funded by a weekly bake sale.

Also, do not fall for numerous positive reviews. They are in fact created weekly by a marketing director. I saw a reply from the office to a former patient's negative review mentioning the reviews are fake. They responded all reviews are real and written by real patients and that they ask ALL their patients to write reviews on their experience.

I for one have never been asked to post a review of my experience. Have you? And who would ever ask such a thing! One last thing...

Just check their Facebook page reviews.

The negative reviews are written by REAL PATIENTS. And you can also contact those former patients for more information.

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