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Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

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I was taking up to 5 different medications for my pain prior to surgery. Within 1 wk I was down to only one and today I can say I am pain free and drug free. This was the best move I've made coming to Deuk. Thank you to staff for treating me like family

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I am a former patient of Dr Deukmedjian and Patel. Run as far as you can from this place. I had issues with billing and required deposits. His facility is all about the $$$$! I had run-ins with his rude staff when it came to billing. It's the same story with every patient. Making money with injections that do not work. Constantly defending negative feedback by saying surgery is their last resort. How do you think his place stays in business?... Read more

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Dr Deuk did a tlif and 3 level fusion in his facility in viera 5 weeks ago i feel like a million bucks previous to meeting Dr Deuk and Dr Boler i was in so much pain suicide was not far from my thoughts!! I agree thats selfish but when pain is all you know it takes all the happiness out of your life i was bounced around to dr after dr wanting to drug me shoot chemicals in my back installed stimulator which never worked!! Dr Deuk knew exactly... Read more

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I am a current Dr Deuk patient. I also see several of his fellows for various things like pain management and, now, upcoming facets and rhizotomy. Here's the issue I take. I already had one fusion done to a disc that was in about as bad shape as my others that are messed up are. It worked. I did not want to do this all over again with the facets/rhizotomy - IVE ALREADY HAD THEM DONE ELSEWHERE OVER A YEAR AGO. They did NOTHING. But noOoOoOOo,... Read more

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Dr. Deuk is the best! I had ACDF on 3 levels by Dr. Deuk. The operation was in his surgery center in Suntree. I was in at 10am and home by 6:30 pm the same day. No more pain, numbness, etc. No post-op problems at all. I'm so glad my family doctor sent me to him and not to someone else. His staff and the other doctors are very kind and show a lot of patience. Everyone there is always very polite and respectful. Dr. Deuk runs a tight ship and... Read more

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*Lawsuit Article from Orlando Sentinel* Allegations of inflated charges for hundreds of surgeries tied to Central Florida car-crash lawsuits were left unresolved this week by the last-minute cancellation of a federal trial set to start Monday. The trial had been scheduled for a 3-year-old lawsuit by a Lake County woman seeking to force State Farm, her auto-insurance company, to pay the surgical charges demanded of her by a prominent Brevard... Read more

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I was skeptical of the negative reviews until I saw this. The guy behind it all. Vice president of Millennium Medical, John Stewart. You can read his social media marketing skills under his LinkedIn profile. Just Google: "John Stewart Deuk Spine Institute". Read more

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This place has the best neurosurgeon in the world. I'm not just saying this but I know for a fact. I've had 7 surgeries on my back by a institute in Tampa. They wrecked my back up bad. No one would touch me. Dr Deuk did what no one Else would. And he fixed by back pain for good. When every other doctor wouldn't operate on me he took it upon himself to fix another surgeons mistake. Love Deuk and Deuk spine Read more

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I am a police officer with over 30 years of service to my community. I must say that I was beat up pretty bad in my low back. I had a back fusion done by Deuk and was home same day. My insurance wanted me to go to the hospital and spend 4 days there!! I had surgery in Melbourne with Deuk Spine and was home a few hours after. I was back to light duty in a couple weeks and now back to full time. I can't thank this place enough. I see some negative... Read more

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