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It is my great pleasure to write about my positive medical experience. Prior to my visit to your office, I was in extreme pain and unable to stand erect. My condition was the result of several back surgerys that failed to correct my problem. I was impressed on my first visit to the office as Dr. Deuk explained very clearly what was causing my problem and how he would correct it. He did what he said he was going to do. I now stand two inches... Read more

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Deuk Spine Institute - Review in Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors category  from Hollywood, Florida
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I was skeptical of the negative reviews until I saw this. The guy behind it all. Vice president of Millennium Medical, John Stewart. You can read his social media marketing skills under his LinkedIn profile. Just Google: "John Stewart Deuk Spine Institute". Read more

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This place has the best neurosurgeon in the world. I'm not just saying this but I know for a fact. I've had 7 surgeries on my back by a institute in Tampa. They wrecked my back up bad. No one would touch me. Dr Deuk did what no one Else would. And he fixed by back pain for good. When every other doctor wouldn't operate on me he took it upon himself to fix another surgeons mistake. Love Deuk and Deuk spine Read more

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I am a police officer with over 30 years of service to my community. I must say that I was beat up pretty bad in my low back. I had a back fusion done by Deuk and was home same day. My insurance wanted me to go to the hospital and spend 4 days there!! I had surgery in Melbourne with Deuk Spine and was home a few hours after. I was back to light duty in a couple weeks and now back to full time. I can't thank this place enough. I see some negative... Read more

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What a fantastic place to get your pain under control. Dr. Patel is amazing I think he has numerous board certifications, wow! Dr deukmedjian is incredible. He did his laser spine surgery and I was pain free right after surgery. I can't believe how great this place is. What a difference than 5 years ago when I went to laser spine. Deuk does it best. Better than all else. Not the rest, but the best. Simply amazing. I had Ben as my patient... Read more

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I absolutely love this place. I see some negative reviews but they aren't actually patients!! I've known Dr. Deuk for a few years. He fixed my father's back, brother's neck, husband's neck and my back!! We are all lovers of Dr. Deukmedjian. This man is incredible! He took my husband in when no one else would touch him. He had a failed surgery in Las Vegas, but Dr. Deuk fixed the other surgeons mistakes. I am great as well! Read more

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Deuk Spine gave me my life back. Before my surgery, my right leg and lower back pain was so intense, I labored to breathe and found it impossible to perform my job. I am now pain free after my surgery! Words alone cannot describe the gratitude i feel for this surgeon and the compassionate and caring team at Deuk Spine Institute. I cant tell you how many doctors i seen in all my years and how many procedures i went through but deuk did it for... Read more

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I am writing this review to tell the "real" truth about The Deuk Spine Institute. I am a combat veteran who did 2 tours in Iraq and really beat up my body. I have been suffering with pain for years and was scheduled to have a fusion at the VA in Gainesville, until I heard about Dr. Deuk and The Deuk Spine Institute. My experience there was nothing short of spectacular. I called into get a 2nd opinion on my neck with Dr. Deuk and was scheduled... Read more

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Thou Shall Do No Harm; Back in 2014 my Father went to see Dr.Deukmedjian for neck pain.My Father had a fusion back in 1989 in Norwalk,Ct.I ask that you remember the title of this review"Thou shall do no harm".My father had his first appointment on 2-17-2014 where they recorded the patient history.They set up Diagnostic testing and results on 2-26-2014,from that they discussed all the different treatments options available. There were many times... Read more

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As a former employee, I can happily say I no longer work at this practice. A tyrant, Deuk lacks compassion and all he sees is green. Previous lawsuits, insulting staff, misogynistic - NO ONE WANTS TO WORK FOR DEUK. Google and see for yourself. THESE REVIEWS ARE ALL FAKE and made up by their marketing guy, John Stewart. Deuk pays John big bucks to keep the reviews squeaky clean.

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